7 Benefits of Choosing Custom Furniture for Your Home

7 Benefits of Choosing Custom Furniture for Your Home

Nov 18, 2022

When a space looks and feels impressive, the impact can be quite profound. Custom furniture is often the star of the show when creating beautifully cohesive and aesthetically stunning environments that leave a lasting impression.

Designing your own customized furniture is not only a wise choice in the long term, but also a smart way to avoid the headaches that can come with furnishing your space in the first place.

Here are our 7 key benefits of choosing custom furniture for your home. 

1. Exclusive design

Much of the furniture available in stores is starting to look the same, with popular styles widely reproduced. Homes are beginning to look like catalogs rather than an expression of individuality.

7 Benefits of Choosing Custom Furniture for Your Home

When you incorporate custom furniture into your space, you have the opportunity to collaborate with creative professionals and create designs that excite you and stand out from the crowd. There is so much more joy in owning something that is a unique one-off that is true to who you are, rather than having your home look identical to your neighbor’s.

2. Higher quality

With the rise in appetite for widely-reproduced interior decor, there has come a rapid increase in mass production of popular pieces. Quality has unfortunately been compromised to keep up with our insatiable demands for more in our consumption-driven world.

It’s become increasingly difficult to find quality furniture on the retail market. Opting for custom made pieces is the clear choice for protecting yourself in the long run. When you invest in custom built furniture, you’re investing in your future with quality, reliable pieces that will last you a lifetime of making memories.

3. Maximize your use of space

There’s nothing worse than having to edge around a coffee table just to get to the sofa to unwind after a long day. Understanding how you use your space and how your furniture can improve the living experience of your home. Your home is unique, and often store bought furniture just doesn’t fit quite right.

Not only do professional interior designers focus on beautiful aesthetics, but we’re also experts when it comes to functionality. Building custom furniture with a professional designer can revolutionize any space, no matter how small. Expand the possibilities for your home by creating pieces specifically designed to optimize practicality and comfort.

4. Customize to your physical needs

7 Benefits of Choosing Custom Furniture for Your Home

Just as every home is unique, every individual that lives in your home is unique too. Store-bought furniture caters to a generalized clientele without much room to factor in any specific needs you or your loved ones may have concerning comfort.

For people of different ages and abilities, a customized sofa's effects on their quality of life are immeasurable. It can be pretty stressful trying to find the right furniture that suits everyone in communal spaces in your household. Custom living room furniture is the best way to ensure everyone’s comfort, so you can all relax together at home.

5. Choose exactly what you want

As well as being the more economical long-term option for your home, choosing custom furniture also gives you more opportunity to have fun with your design process! You get to construct furniture that perfectly fits the scale and flow of your home, and you also get to choose the materials you want.

Whether you’re after luxurious upholstery or something more durable and easy to keep clean, you’re in control of how you want your furniture to look and feel. You can have fun playing with different textures, colors, and patterns to find the ideal combination for your dream home.

6. Furniture as unique as your home

It can be frustrating sometimes trying to get a space to a point where it feels complete.

7 Benefits of Choosing Custom Furniture for Your Home

You can lose hours of your life moving things around, taking elements away, introducing new colors or materials, and trying to perfect everything. But the reality might be that what you’ve got simply doesn’t work, no matter how much you agonize over decisions.

With so many options out there, it can be difficult to source cohesive interiors while being true to your taste and suitable for your lifestyle. Custom handmade furniture allows you to get specific. You can tie every element of your home’s design together carefully, executing your vision precisely to your liking.

7. Functional, precise pieces

One of the most frequent issues we see people running into when designing homes is buying furniture that doesn't fit their space. Or sometimes, after viewing an empty property, they think the space is much larger than it actually is, which results in them buying furniture or bringing pieces from their old house that take over the entire room.

Measurements, scale, and flow should be thought out on paper before you go to buy in person. Even then, after your efforts, it’s not always possible to find something in stores that will work in your home.

Getting the right scale, appropriate fabrics or perfect wood finishes doesn't have to be expensive. The right design professional who has product knowledge, strong vendor relationships and vast product selection options can assist you with your project and stay within your budget.

Another way to get it right on the first go is to customize your furniture for your home's specific dimensions and flow. A functional and comfortable space makes for a happy home, so why not invest in handmade furniture designed specifically for your exact needs?

If you have the right design professional, they will have the connections and knowledge to utilize the best finishes and materials for all of the things that make it a custom piece—without it being designed from the ground up if it doesn’t need to be. Specific furniture lines that allow customization will still get you that custom feel with a realistic budget so you can have a unique, long-lasting piece of furniture for years to come.

Interested in customizing your own furniture to make your home even more spectacular? Schedule your discovery call now, and let’s discover the possibilities together.


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"We had the opportunity to work with Design Lifestyles earlier this year to remodel our kitchen and fireplace wall.  I had been following these very talented women on Instagram for nearly two years so I was familiar with their design aesthetic and could not wait to finally have the chance to see them in action. Starting with a very comprehensive in home meeting we discussed what we loved and what we wanted to change in addition to our budget.  Based on this meeting and our Pinterest boards, they created two very thoughtful and gorgeous design renderings for our home. This is truly where the magic happened and we were blown away with their ideas from materials, fabric, and reworking the functionality of our kitchen. They provided us with a detailed budget and a work schedule that stayed on track.  We have never had a project that went as smooth as this.  The attention to detail from small gadgets to proper tile placement, was 100% handled by Kim, Lauren, and Kelly.  Let's talk about the contractors they hired for our project, every single one of them who bid and completed a job was truly a professional.  Not one person didn't show up or came late and we would happily work with anyone of these trades again.  There is so much value in hiring this talented team, we look forward to doing it again when we re-do our master bath. Thank you ladies for bringing the love of what you do to our home. We have enjoyed the new space immensely."

Susan Holdrich

"We absolutely LOVE Design Lifestyles! After our initial meeting with Kim, we knew we wanted to work with her. Throughout the process, Kim really listened to our desires and took detailed notes of our overall vision. Kim brought a tremendous amount of creativity and suggested amazing ideas/layouts/colors that we never thought of or imagined we would love. She and her team were very professional, kind, upfront with expectations and on top every single detail of our project.  On our reveal day, we were blown away by how Kim had turned our house into a beautiful warm and inviting HOME. There is no way we could have ever done this without Kim’s expertise, hard work and commitment to her clients. Our words of gratitude do not adequately express the joy we feel each day living in our new home. We highly recommend Kim Bailey Interiors. Kim is amazingly talented at what she does and is truly a treasure to work with!"

Angela H.

"We’ve hired Design Lifestyles for two rooms in our house now, and are very happy with both results. In each case, they were very receptive and responsive to our inputs and worked to be sure we got the design just right and to a place where we were comfortable with it. They also manage the procurement and install of furniture for one of our rooms and did an excellent job making that process easy and fun for us.

The quality of the design was fantastic, they were very accommodative in working with us, and we are quite happy with how they’ve improved two rooms in our house."

John Sturdivant

"Design Lifestyles is an excellent organization to help with your remodeling and/or updating project.  My home is just as I envisioned.  Somehow they "read" my mind and delivered just what I wanted within budget.  

My friends love my home's new look.  I keep hearing words like "cozy", "fresh", "quality".  I couldn't have asked for a finer job.  Every time I walk in my house, I wonder if I have the correct address!

Thank you Kim, Lauren, staff, and contractors."

Connie Seelhorst

"I recently had a complete kitchen and dining room gut/re-model, and I can't say enough good things about Kim Bailey and her team. From the first meeting to the final walk-through, she and her design team were responsive, attentive, and always there when I had a question or concern. The contractors they work with are top notch, as well. I highly recommend them and I will definitely use them for future projects."

Carla Morey
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