How to Make Timeless Interior Design Choices for Your Home

How to Make Timeless Interior Design Choices for Your Home

Jan 13, 2023

As professional interior designers, we passionately believe that your home should be an expression of your personality, lifestyle, and values. Like fashion and interior trends, we are constantly changing and evolving as humans, and our homes should reflect that too.

While it’s fun to spice things up and make your home feel fresh, it’s certainly not fun to tear up floors, replace entire furniture collections, and decimate your bank account every few years, due to interior design choices that quickly became outdated.

There are ways to keep your home's interiors feeling contemporary and to your taste without falling into the pitfalls of short-lived fads or leaning too much into a particular design style that needs an overhaul only a few years later.

When it comes to home furnishings and design, some things just never go out of style. 

If you opt for timeless interior design styles and décor for your home, you’ll avoid the need to redecorate and remodel frequently and instead get more long-term enjoyment and functionality out of your space.

Don’t worry! If you think a timeless look feels a little vanilla for your wild design ideas right now, we’ve got expert tips for making smart home interior choices while maintaining your unique personality and flair. 

You’re guaranteed to create a timeless design style and enjoy your beautifully curated dream home for many years when you make professionally-informed decisions.

1. Consider open-plan elements for timeless design

Traditionally, many homes used to have the dining room separate from the kitchen.

However, many families have since opted to remove that wall, creating a more sociable, functional, and airy room layout for their family to spend quality time together while cooking and sharing delicious meals.

When creating your room designs and layout, an open floor plan is always a great way to create a timeless style while also making the space feel bigger.

You can always play with the flow of the room down the line by creating new sections with furniture arrangements, incorporating indoor plant walls, and other fun new features.

2. Prioritize functionality for a timeless room

One of the biggest reasons people come to us looking to update their spaces is a need for more functionality and comfort for their family. 

It can be incredibly frustrating when you can’t fully relax in your own home because it simply doesn’t make sense for your unique lifestyle and specific needs.

Whether you've got minimal experience, or are looking for inspiration for a remodel, focus on a well-thought-out floor plan centered around functional and timeless design. 

Prioritizing practicality and optimal flow for your ideal room layout will last you a lifetime, saving you money and many headaches in the future.

3. Don’t chase interior design trends

Nowadays, it’s impossible to avoid advertising. While the internet is a fantastic tool for researching home furnishing and design options, it’s always best to refer to trusted, professional resources and blogs (like ours!). 

By doing your own research, you’ll learn more about timeless interiors and avoid making decisions you’ll soon come to regret .

After going down an internet hole researching your dream sofa, it’s easy to be convinced in your half-delirious state that a Y2K resurgence, fuchsia pink, faux fur armchair is in fact precisely what you need after seeing it for the 27th time on a sponsored Instagram ad.

Remember, these algorithms are backed by serious marketing budgets looking to sell trends, not necessarily style and quality.

4. Interpret classic interior design styles

Certain traditional styles are classic for a reason. If you’re furnishing a new home or reimagining outdated rooms, one way to ensure longevity in your room designs is to create a timeless interior design style as your base with classic-look pieces.

Instead of choosing cheaper options lacking durability and detail, invest in quality materials and key pieces that will provide you with a lifetime of comfort and enjoyment.

There are so many beautiful options to suit every taste. Whether you want to opt for classic focal point furniture pieces, natural materials for flooring and surfaces, or be more daring with a bolder accent piece, there are so many ways to achieve timeless interior design.

5. Embrace neutrals, but don’t be afraid of color

Choosing what color scheme you want to introduce into particular spaces can feel overwhelming. You don’t want to overpower a room with an overly bold or imposing color, but you’re afraid you’ll grow tired of a muted, understated tone.

If you’re unsure, a neutral color palette is a sure bet that always gives that timeless look.

Painting a room a neutral color lends itself to more inspiration through introducing color into the space in other ways, allowing you more freedom to add color to the room with your furniture, furnishings, décor, or even a navy blue accent wall.

6. Use art and decoration to modernize & change with the times

It's always the details that ties a space together, making it feel cohesive and unique. Everything from the art you hang on your walls to how you decorate the house is profoundly influential to classic design.

Thankfully, these are the easiest components of interior design to update and change, allowing you great flexibility to change with the times and to alter as your taste expands and develops while still maintaining a timeless style.

When it comes to taking interior design risks, home décor is undoubtedly the safest area to break out of your comfort zone and incorporate trendy elements, as it won’t cost you thousands to change if you’re unhappy with your choices.

7. Mix old and new pieces for timeless design

Your home should spark joy and a sense of calm upon entering your personally-curated sanctuary. If your home needs a little refresh, you don’t need to replace all the furniture, upturn your living room, or totally reinvent the style of a room to create a significant effect.

Mixing different styles by keeping some classic pieces you’ve had for a long time and adding in new elements of visual interest and modern décor makes a considerable difference in reviving any room and creating a timeless feeling.

You can’t go wrong when you create a foundation of classic style with timeless interior design in your home.

Not only does it save you money and effort, but it also gives you more freedom to change other elements, making any room in your house feel fresh and renewed without really having done much to it.

Need help determining what timeless interior design styles and classic pieces are best for your space?

Schedule your discovery call now so we can create a timeless house you’ll be proud to call home for years to come.

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